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Amyris is a synthetic biology company that engineers yeast to produce a wide range of specialty chemicals and fuels from sugar. Amyris produces high quality chemicals at significantly lower cost than incumbent technologies and with dramatic reduction in carbon and energy inputs.

Amyris held an initial public offering on September 28, 2010.

Building Robotics

Building Robotics leverages web and phone applications to communicate to the building management system as opposed to using a thermostat or calling the building facilities manager.

China Recycling Energy Corp.

China Recycling Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: CREG) designs, installs, and finances waste heat and pressure recovery systems on industrial units in China. CREG’s primary customers are steel manufacturing plants and cement factories. The company sells to several large Chinese state-owned enterprises as well as to several private companies in the country.

China Recycling Energy Corporation uplisted on NASDAQ on March 22, 2010.


Edeniq has developed next-generation cellulosic ethanol technology. Usable on any feedstock, the technology will, in the short-term, provide cost savings to corn ethanol companies on every gallon produced. In the long-term, Edeniq will license its technology to improve yields on multiple feedstocks in the rapidly growing biofuels market.

Eka Systems

Eka Systems utilizes a wireless grid technology for energy management through a smart grid. These systems help manage electricity grids in real time, reducing energy consumption, improving system reliability, and cutting the cost of delivered electricity.

Eka Systems was acquired by Cooper Industries.


Enerkem has developed and proven technology to convert garbage into biofuels and specialty chemicals. Enerkem’s ability to use negative-cost feedstocks through its robust gasification process gives it a significant cost advantage over other biofuels in the market.


Feastly is an online platform that connects diners with independent chefs to create a unique, in-home, shared dining experience.

Good Eggs

Good Eggs delivers fresh, healthy food from local producers to our communities.

Greengate Power

Greengate Power develops wind farms in Canada. The company has 450 MW of power projects contracted to supply wind power to PG&E.

Greenwave Systems

GreenWave empowers consumers to achieve the smart connected lifestyle by delivering personalized information and entertainment, enhanced comfort and savings.

Honest Buildings

Honest Buildings is an online marketplace and discovery engine for building professionals. Through its tailored service offerings, Honest Buildings provides the industry’s best building solution providers with the tools to showcase their work on a single platform that connects them with real estate decision-makers in search of their expertise. The site empowers building owners to make better decisions, faster, saving valuable time and resources. Honest Buildings’ scalable technology aims to improve the built environment by streamlining the process for real estate owners to deliver high-performance buildings that are strongly positioned to address the needs of modern users.


Lunera Lighting designs and manufactures LED lighting systems. Lunera has developed the only “Plug-and-Play” lamp that is compatible with existing electronic ballast systems, making it the easiest retrofit solution for existing plug-in CFL and metal halide lamps.

MyHealth Teams

MyHealth Teams creates dedicated private social networks to connect patients with one another.

Planet Labs

Planet Labs designs and manufactures imagery satellites that take low-cost, high-quality images of the Earth at a high frequency.


Rapid SOS

Working closely with the 9-1-1 community, tech and telecom companies, and leading investors,
RapidSOS is developing technology to predict and preempt emergencies before they occur, dynamically
warn people in harm’s way, and ensure that first responders are one touch away globally.


Recyclebank incentivizes consumers to reduce waste and recycle by offering rewards for sustainable behavior.

Revolution Foods

Revolution Foods provides healthy meals to schoolchildren throughout California, Denver, and the Washington, D.C. region, about 80% of which are funded by the federal free and reduced price lunch program. RevFoods also has a branded line of prepared foods for sale at Whole Foods and other retailers.

SCL Elements

SCL Elements offers wired and wireless solutions for HVAC, lighting & metering building automation applications. Their products are flexible across the major wireless communication protocols and offer the most affordable and robust building automation solution for small to medium-sized buildings on the market today.

SCL Elements was acquired by Schneider Electric.


Sentinel produces end-point security software that detects cyber-security threats in real time.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy is a behavioral analytics company which aims to reduce consumer energy use and provide a customer engagement platform for utilities. They increase customer engagement with utilities through Emails & Direct Mail, Web Portal & Apps and Rewards & Social Competitions.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, and is the world leader in the electric car industry.  Tesla has developed two widely successful models, the sporty Tesla Roadster and the luxurious Model S. The Model S is the highest rated car in the history of Consumer Reports.

Tesla Motors held an initial public offering on June 29, 2010.


View is a developer of next generation dynamic glass windows, which can switch from clear to tinted on demand. The windows dramatically improve energy efficiency while improving the quality of internal spaces.


Vinli is the platform for the connected car. A small device captures the data produced by the car computer and opens it up to the developer community enabling endless applications for the newly “smart” car.

WaterSmart Software

WaterSmart is a software-as-a-service offering that transforms your meter read data into a highly effective, customized water conservation and customer engagement program.


Yerdle is a mobile platform where thousands of people give and get things for free.


Zirx is an on-demand valet service. Simply enter your destination in your app, and an agent will come to park your car and then pick you up when you are ready to leave.