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Gary Dillabough

Gary leads the Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency Practice at the Westly Group. Prior to joining the Westly Group, Gary was the General Manager of Corporate Environmental Affairs at eBay. In this capacity he led all of eBay’s environmental efforts and helped design and set specifications for a 200,000 sq ft Gold LEED certified building. In addition he installed San Jose’s largest commercial solar deployment (650 kW) and a 500 kW fuel cell. During these projects, Gary met with and built relationships with numerous green building material suppliers and vendors.

Prior to that, Gary was the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at eBay. This team generated $575 million in revenue through revenue sharing agreements and ad sales over a five year period. Gary negotiated and put in place a number of large partnerships with the US Postal Service, UPS, General Electric, Sun, and Fidelity. He also oversaw the acquisition and integration of FairMarket which at one time was one of eBay’s largest competitors.

Gary serves on the Board of Directors for the Lucile Packard Hospital Foundation and OneMillionLights, and formerly served as a director of the Internet Advertising Board (IAB) and the One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPC).

Gary recently installed a 5 kW fuel cell at his home. This is one of the first residential installations in California.