• Overview



    The Westly group is dedicated to building companies that will solve the world’s most pressing problems. We invest exceptional teams scaling transformative technologies and business models. We believe in the power of the passionate entrepreneur – whether sitting in a modern office tower or a Silicon Valley garage – to change the world.


    For our entrepreneurs and partners, we are patient investors and experienced operating executives who are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help get things done. We bring our extensive industry and government networks to accelerate sales and strategic partnerships. We work as an extension of our companies while giving our entrepreneurs the flexibility to pursue their dreams.


    We have seen the rapid growth of the sustainability and resource efficiency sectors and are focusing on high margin, capital efficient companies that are at the intersection of sustainability, smart phones, software and the internet. Resource efficient companies can include the following:

    • Energy Efficiency
    • Smart Buildings
    • Sharing Economy
    • Efficient Transportation and new mobility models
    • Power Storage and Water Management
    • Renewable Energy Generation
    • Internet-of-Things
    • Security
    • Mobility
    • Cloud Computing & Big Data


    We will also look beyond our traditional verticals into software solutions that have application across sectors in areas such as cloud computing, block chain, big data, security, and mobility. While we’re focusing on areas such as energy, water and transportation, we will also be investing in companies that help provide greater efficiency and profitability in a broader set of vertical markets.



  • Our Approach

    Our Approach


    The Westly Group is one of the largest sustainability venture firms in the U.S with $350 million under management. Since 2007, we have focused on sustainability opportunities in North America, though we do seek out compelling investments internationally.


    Westly Group Facts:

    • Investing in seed, early and mid-stage start-ups
    • Focus on Sustainability, Software & Resource Efficiency
    • Three portfolio companies have gone public, including Tesla Motors (TSLA)
    • Unparalleled government expertise
    • Principal Alignment with 4% commitment
    • Founded in 2007
    • Office in Menlo Park, CA


    We partner with entrepreneurs to build high-impact, sustainable, global technology companies, with a focus on:

    • 1) Passionate and disciplined management teams
    • 2) Great products proven in the field
    • 3) Excited and engaged customer base
    • 4) Established revenues and high gross margins
    • 5) Capital efficient business models


  • Our Advisors

    Our Advisors


    Vishal Verma
    Vishal Verma is a Senior General Partner at Edgewood Ventures, LLC. Edgewood is a investment fund focusing on investing in the USA and India. He has made investments and on the board of directors of Edgewood Networks, Edgewood CureAire, Gamma Security and HSMC.
    Edgewood Networks is a joint venture with Juniper Networks and Edgewood Ventures. Edgewood is developing a secure and trusted networking products for the global market.
    HSMC intends to be a leading independent semiconductor products provider. Vishal is responsible for HSMC’s finance and day-to-day-operations. The company has recently been awarded a $2.2B package from the Govt. of India.
    Vishal is also a Senior Advisor to Honorable Dick Gephardt and Secretary Michael Chertoff on their International Strategy. He is also advisor Darwin Ventures, LLC.
    Vishal is passionate on building strong education systems for our future. Vishal is an active member on the non-profit boards of Trustees and Directors for the University of California at Merced (Merced, California) and One Economy (Washington DC).
    Vishal started his career at Loral Corporation. While pursing his MBA at Chicago Booth, Vishal cofounded the Hyde Park Angels to promote entrepreneurship in the Chicago land area. Vishal continues to be an active member of The Chicago Club, The Indus Entrepreneurs and Chicago Private Equity Networks.
    Vishal holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.