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We invest in companies that change the world.

We are focused on investing in the most innovative companies in the energy, transportation and smart building sectors. We are dedicated to finding and funding the best talent in creating a sustainable future.



Since our inception in 2007, the Westly Group has become one of the largest energy, utility and sustainability focused venture firms in North America with over $400 million under management. We invest in early and mid-stage start-ups focusing in sustainability and software & resource efficiency, and are hungry to partner with talented entrepreneurs to build high-impact, sustainable, global technology companies.

The Westly Group is dedicated to building companies that will solve the world’s most pressing problems. We invest in exceptional teams scaling transformative technologies and business models. We believe in the power of the passionate entrepreneur – whether sitting in a modern office tower or a Silicon Valley garage – to change the world.

For our entrepreneurs and partners, we are patient investors and experienced operating executives who are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to help get things done. We bring our extensive utility industry and government networks to accelerate sales and strategic partnerships, working as an extension of our companies while giving our entrepreneurs the flexibility to pursue their dreams.



You can reach us here for questions regarding investing, fundraising, and opportunities with our portfolio companies.